Vision Therapy builds visually-guided lifeskills including perception, comprehension, memory and optimal academic achievement to

excel in a fast-paced 3-D technological age.


​You will first be evaluated by Dr. Cynthia Matyas to determine if you can benefit from Vision Therapy.  Dr. Matyas will then develop an indiviualized Vision Therapy Program to help you reach your visual goals.


​If Optometric Vision Therapy is recommend, the following may be helpful:


Are there any risks in Vision Therapy?


​No, there are no known risks, side effects or complications: vision therapy does not involve any surgery or medication.

What is involved in a Vision Therapy treatment program?


​The therapy session is 45 minutes long, with one session a week at the Clinic. Home therapy procedures will be prescribed to be done at home, either on the computer and/or manually.  Home therapy may vary from 15-30 minutes per day. To achieve the best results, home therapy procedures should be done 4-5 times a week.


How is the Vision Therapy training delivered? What can I expect?


​You will meet weekly with your Vision Therapist.  The therapist will follow your program prescribed by the Doctor for each therapy session.

​We use computer-based vision programs along with hands-on activities to stimulate the neurological pathways between the eyes and the brain.  It is similar to doing physical therapy with other parts of the body.  You will be using therapy glasses, lens flippers, prisms and other instruments to perform therapy procedures.


How quickly will I notice that my vision is improving?


​This is influenced by the visual condition and individual variations.  Motivation and following home therapy instructions are factors for success.  Some patients see significant results in as soon as two to three months.

Is the improvement permanent?

​Binocular Vision Function improvement is usually permanent.  Following post-treatment instructions is very important.  Routine Eye Exams after the completion of your program is still recommended.






​"Reading has improved an incredible amount.  Study habits and family interactions have improved.  She is proud of herself and has increased self esteem!"    Mother of S.H., Grade 5 student,   November 9, 2016 









Success Begins With Positive Expectations!