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Dr. Cynthia Matyas

Neuro-optometry and Developmental Optometry


Dr. Matyas continues to enjoy her work with children  and adults who have significant visual challenges that cause them to struggle in everyday life of school, work or play.  It is the Neuroplasticity  of the eye-brain connection that allows patients to improve their visual systems.  To Dr. Matyas, there is nothing more satisfying than guiding people to their fullest visual potential in school, work or play.  

Dr. Matyas graduated from the School of Optometry, University of Waterloo.  She then went to SUNY School Of Optometry in New York City, where she completed a residency in Vision Therapy.   In 1996, she obtained an MSc. Degree in Kinesiology , also at the University of Waterloo, studying visual motor integration.  In 2011, Dr. Matyas became a fellow of the College of Optometrists in Vision Development (FCOVD).  Since 2014, Dr. Matyas has become fascinated with Optometric Syntonic phototherapy as a treatment for Visual Dysfunctions and in 2020, she attained her Fellowship at the College of Syntonic Optometry ( Optometric Photo-therapy) ( FCSO).




Dr. Kristin Zai



Dr. Zai completed her Undergraduate degree at Dalhousie University where she had her Thesis published on Visual Attention in Sport and was a Millennium Excellence Scholarship Laureate.  She then earned her Doctor of Optometry degree with honours from the University of Waterloo School of Optometry in 2012 and was award the W. Ross Andrews Prize for clinical Optometry.  Dr. Zai  also completed an externship in therapeutics and ocular disease at the Jack C. Montgomery VA Medical Centre.  She is qualified to prescribe therapeutic agents for the treatment and management of ocular disease.  While completing her optometric training, Dr. Zai went to Puerto Viejo, Ecuador through Volunteer Optometric Services to Humanity to provide eye care to their community.  Dr. Zai  is a member of the Canadian Association of Optometrists, the Ontario Association of Optometrists, and is an Affiliate Doctor of the TLC Laser Centre.



Dr. Penny Kin

Optometrist and Vision Therapist


Dr. Kin graduated from New England College of Optometry in Boston, MA in 2003.  She provides both primary care Optometry and Vision therapy services.  Dr. Kin brings her experience to the Eye Clinic and where patients enjoy her thoroughness and easygoing nature.




Vision Therapists



Senior Vision Therapist

Michelle is our senior vision therapist.  She is certified with Vision Therapy Canada and her experience shows. She is detail oriented and conscientious in her work with patients in a vision therapy program.  She has just celebrated 5 years at the Eye Clinic.  Patients enjoy coming to Michelle’s vision therapy sessions. 




Vision Therapist

Kirsten is the newest member in our vision therapy clinic.  She is very upbeat and takes pride in helping individuals improve their vision.  She comes to us with a Bachelor of Arts and Sciences degree in Neuroscience and Psychology from University of Guelph and an Ontario College Graduate Certificate in Brain Disorders Management from Mohawk College; knowledge that supports vision therapy very well.   Kirsten’s dedication and easy going nature result in enjoyable vision therapy sessions.






Optometric Assistants


Sandy is a Canadian Certified Optometric Assistant. She has excellent style sense and her knowledge of frames and lenses will help you select a set of glasses that you will love! Sandy’s pleasant disposition contributes to the great customer service the Eye Clinic provides.


Gabby is a very engaging, helpful  optometric assistant, who will assist you with selecting a frame and lens choice resulting in a set of glasses that you enjoy! She has a love of optics which led her to Optometry as she studies Chemical Physics at University of Guelph.


Kit is the Optometric Assistant in charge of administration of the vision therapy clinic. Often, she will be the voice you hear on the phone.  You will recognize Kit by her cheerful manner and willingness to help.


Kayln will check you in and carry out the pre-testing before you see the doctor.  Kayln is very professional and efficient providing you with excellent patient care.  She has a Science degree in Life Sciences and is at the beginning of her career, already contributing greatly to The Eye Clinic.


Joanne is our Optometry Student from the University of Waterloo. She works at the Eye Clinic both in pre-testing and frame and lens selection. Her positive disposition and smiling face will make you at ease when you visit the Eye Clinic.


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