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Dr. Cynthia Matyas

Neuro-optometry and Developmental Optometry


Dr. Matyas continues to enjoy her work with children  and adults who have significant visual challenges that cause them to struggle in everyday life of school, work or play.  It is the Neuroplasticity  of the eye-brain connection that allows patients to improve their visual systems.  To Dr. Matyas, there is nothing more satisfying than guiding people to their fullest visual potential in school, work or play.  

Dr. Matyas graduated from the School of Optometry, University of Waterloo.  She then went to SUNY School Of Optometry in New York City, where she completed a residency in Vision Therapy.   In 1996, she obtained an MSc. Degree in Kinesiology , also at the University of Waterloo, studying visual motor integration.  In 2011, Dr. Matyas became a fellow of the College of Optometrists in Vision Development (FCOVD).  Since 2014, Dr. Matyas has become fascinated with Optometric Syntonic phototherapy as a treatment for Visual Dysfunctions and in 2020, she attained her Fellowship at the College of Syntonic Optometry ( Optometric Photo-therapy) ( FCSO).






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